How to use your Stamps & Ink picture with cling and polymer stamps, cleaning supplies

How to use your stamps & ink can be a bit confusing if you have never stamped before. Here is some basic information to help you begin.

  • Blocks – Stampin’ Up has 9 different sizes of blocks, I suggest you start with the most versatile which is the “D” block. These blocks will be used to stick the flat side of your stamp so that you have firm, broad control over the stamp and it’s clear so you can see where you are stamping.
  • Polymer/Cling – Stampin’ Up has 2 different kinds of stamps, Polymer which is clear and Cling which is rubber. Everyone has favorites, but they also serve different purposes. The Cling stamps usually give you more layered detail while the Polymer allows you to get a better visual of where you are stamping (see video below on how to mount your stamps).
  • Ink up & Stamp – Once you mount your stamp onto a block, open your ink pad and gently tap the pad a few times with your stamp; these stamp pads can be quite damp, so do not squish the stamp down, you will get ink all over the stamp, block & yourself. I always test what I am stamping on scrap or grid paper, this will give you a better idea of placement & if you need to tap the pad a bit more (see video below on using your stamps).
  • CleaningThere are various ways to clean your stamps. I always clean it right after I stamp so that I don’t get ink on me. You may use a wet paper towel if you do not have any cleaning tools. Stampin’ Up has 2 different cleaning supplies. The first is a Simple Shammy that you wet before you clean, then stamp your stamp (still on the block) until all the ink is removed. The other product is the Stampin’ Scrub pad & mist. Spray one side of the pad (you should see a sun on one side & raindrops on the other, spray the raindrop side). Then keeping your stamp in the block, scrub on the wet side then scrub on the dry side. NOTE: The Polymer stamps tend to retain some color it you use any of the colors that have red in it (see video below on cleaning your stamps).
simple shammy
clear blocks used to mount your stamps
stampin' scrub pad

Here is a short video on How to Mount your Stampin’ Up Stamps:

Here is a short video on How to Use Stampin’ Up Stamps:

Here is a short video on How to Use Stampin’ Up Cleaning Tools: